Itinera, started in 2015 by a small group of university professors and business and culture professionals, is actively engaged in applying the extensive experience of its founding partners to the teaching, communications and business sectors, aiding Italian institutions and companies to build bridges with other cultures in a fast-moving, globalized world. 
Three keywords sum up the spirit of Itinera: innovation, dynamism, interconnection.
Innovation. We exploit the potential of new technologies using pioneering, multi-disciplinary and intercultural approaches to create and develop the most suitable digital contents for enhancing and promoting cultural products and services. 
Interconnection. We facilitate interaction and communication between organizations, institutions and businesses working throughout Italy, building networks to create and reinforce cooperation across cultures and languages. 
Dynamism. We support the internationalization of organizations, institutions and businesses by designing and running tailor-made projects.
These three characteristics allow us to operate successfully throughout Italy and on the international market with particular attention to China through constant relations with Chinese organizations and institutions.  We are extremely proud to announce as well, the founding of our branch company Lan Qiao, in Hubei province, China.




All our projects, products and partnerships are based on the promotion abroad of Italy’s excellence in higher education, its cultural heritage and the fruits of its innovative artisanal and industrial production. 
We also work with universities and higher education institutions to promote the integration of international students through language teaching, as well as guidance and assistance during their studies in Italy.  
We work with institutions, museums and theaters around the country to promote the Italian culture abroad through digital contents and social media  
We support the internationalization of businesses by showcasing their distinctive features, and perform market analyses to support brand dissemination. We study the most suitable linguistic and intercultural methods for managing websites and social media profiles effectively, with a view to reaching all potential customers.


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